who are we?

Magic Company was established to design and install fountains and waterfalls in Kuwait in 2022, and its community and society are replete with many small and large projects, which were done with high quality, and integrated conformity with the requirements of its customers. Until Magic won the admiration and trust of everyone who dealt with it, and provided consultations in this field. It was a resounding success, and its name spread as a leading company in the field of installing and designing fountains and waterfalls in a short amount of time.

Magic Message

We help our clients obtain all services related to fountains and waterfalls, such as installation, design, maintenance, and others. According to the highest international and local quality standards. Magic seeks the following goals:

  • Performing its services with the required efficiency that achieves customer satisfaction and approval.
  • Maintaining the level of quality in all its projects.
  • Providing a stunning and distinctive look that suits the customer's taste and choice.
  • Spreading and reaching a wider network of customers anywhere in the State of Kuwait.
  • Awareness of the advantages of home fountains and waterfalls and their prominent role in spreading beauty and psychological comfort.
  • Upgrading the level of construction and design of current fountains and waterfalls in the country.

Magic Vision

Magic Company believes in fountains and waterfalls as elements of beauty and tranquility, and hopes to keep pace with all the developments and innovations taking place in its field, and to remain a leading name in the Kuwaiti market, in which it is known as the icon of the Kuwaiti fountain and the Kuwaiti waterfall, so it helps implement the new vision of Kuwait in developing the infrastructure that stimulates development.

House Fountains

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